Saturday, November 7, 2009

Love to be an Earlybird

Little Honey is quickly becoming the light and the love of our lives; she is SO sweet, so affectionate, and so little! She slept with me the first night, then with my parents last night, until Honey woke Mom up with puppy kisses around 3am. Honey took a peep break after Mom took her to the kitchen, then Mom went back to sleep. I got up before 5am and had some playtime and with Honey (we play fetch a lot), and got started on all my day's work, which began with coffee and making a bark-rimmed vase (intended pun!) and addressing invites for Honey's party next weekend.
I took my Mom with me at 7am to a "Designer Flea Market" at the RedHill Design center. I love to be an earlybird, because you DO get the deals. I got some great stuff from Cargo & Company, one of my favorite stores, then spied something over the top at a neighboring shop: a dog house made of braided basket materials; perfect for the French Basketeer! Honey is so small, this is like a Villa for her, a 3 bedroom 3 bath house, or at least a house that she could spread out all of her toys, install a small sofa and invite 5 of her best friends over for a cuddle!
Of course I bought it, though as a retailer I'll not reveal the price; did I mention that I love to be an earlybird!? I am going to figure out how to decorate it for the party, then if I'll keep it or not. My brain is working hard on the party. Today I got party favors for the guests, and it will be a lovely lovely event.....!
Later in the morning I set up at Corona del Mar market, and Honey was there for a few hours; she made lots of friends, and began her socialization here; she was fabulous; this is the best-bred dog I have seen in a long time; I will post on that later. Merci mille fois Donna!!!

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