Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's two days before Thanksgiving, but I am not really focused on it. Whipping up a few mince pies and tarts will be easy; my sister will try to cook the bird, but it's usually burned up and dried out; I might go to help prevent that....

Mentally, I am past Thanksgiving already; I am on the run-up to Christmas, and specifically mid-December, which is when The Magazine will come to shoot our house for the 2010 issue. The Devil & the Joy are in the Details, and I am doing details details details. Tonight I polished a bunch of silver and copper and made a home-made potpourri that will be to die for; I will explain the packaging later. I got up at 430 this morning to do more organization and wrap presents for the shoot. It will be up to the Editor's expectations!
Anyway, I bought some great 'shrooms from Dirk this past weekend for the stuffing Thursday. Few photos here. I bought flowers for my sis today, she is hosting us. I will still do her house up for her a little more!

The baby basket has thyme and super baby arugula....come and get it at the Pacific Palisades Famers Market!

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