Sunday, November 8, 2009

Standing Behind the Merch

My days are very, very full right now. Between the baskets and my family, little Honey, orders, markets, events and all, there is always a lot going on. I am up before 5am every day, and my brain and hands are working non-stop on all these projects and to-do's.

I generally don't take a chair to the markets, but today I brought one to Palisades Market, where I sat and made notes and got organized for most of the morning. A shopper I recognized came up and was musing over the sturdiness of the Moroccan baskets. They are well-made baskets I told her, finishing my note, "I stand behind my merchandise" I added. "Do you also sit behind your merchandise?" she said, dryly. In the movie, this is where I flash a dirty look at the camera.
In the end she bought the small Moroccan basket she liked, and gave me her card to send her some followup info. I finished the market then made a few stops on the drive home for party materials, then went to Max's 40th birthday party then got home and filled and labeled all the party favor jars. You'll have to wait until the weekend, to hear what I am doing.
Honey is about the same color as the coco mat at the front door!

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