Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Post-Party Recovery

I've been recovering for the last two days from the Puppy Party. Not that I have been able to rest; it's still been non-stop. The party was photographed by a well-known national magazine, and I gave them lots of pretty things to shoot; I have only a few shots here and we'll all have to wait for the magazine to come out, sometime next year. I have no idea when they will do the layout.
Smartly-dressed guests started to arrive promptly at 2pm, so much for fashionably late! I was still in my robe. Leah helped me all morning with a few tweaks, and Susie worked all morning on the food.
The run up to the party was a 3-day sprint. On Saturday I had a little meltdown at my cleaners because I thought my lifetime collection of damask linen tablecloths had been lost. Fortunately, they were only lost in the house, but it was just about enough to put me over the edge!
The honey jars were a total hit; I didn't get any good shots of the tags, but there were 2 friends and 1 pro taking lots of photos so surely someome will have recorded it all for me.

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