Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I ended last night late, making shadow boxes or whatever you call them, vignette boxes, out of wine crates for the Christmas shoot. I am still playing with what to put in them; here are my first efforts. I started the day early (4am) making mincemeat tarts, later planting the final amaryllis for Christmas, though I doubt these late ones will bloom by then.

Honey and Isabella played together non-stop all day, and we got back home around 6pm; it was an early dinner and a long I am home getting ready for tomorrow: will I hit the doorbuster sales? I am going to Cargo & Company at 10am for their sale too and to work on a project for Oma. I also have to go to downtown LA for ribbon. I hate to say, there is very little doorbuster sale stuff that interests me; I want real greenery (free from the garden), not much to store, and no knick-knack Christmas stuff. I need very little before the photo shoot.

Anyway, here are shots of the little mince tarts and shadow boxes and the homemade potpourri that I am making for my sachets for Christmas. It's too bad I will bag it; it's very pretty and smells great....

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  1. I have that white milk jug too!!! I've had it for like 30 years - it was my mothers!!!