Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Votives & the Vet

Honey had her first trip to the vet today. Dr. A is also from South Carolina and of course everyone thought she was too cute....it was sad for me because I was thinking about Napoleon and my last trip there with him, but I am trying to move forward. Having the party and so much other work to do has helped me not think about the loss as much, but I still miss my little boy so much. Honey is filling the void, and it's just like a little baby, watching her change and do her "firsts." Last night she was in the dining room and gave her first woofs, which actually sound more like little clucks. She heard something strange outside and was letting me know. This morning she saw herself in a tall mirror, and was wide-eyed that there was another dog in the room. A few more little clucks and a slow move towards the dog...it was a very good laugh! She is doing the terrier shake with her toys, and is showing signs of being very dexterous, and I love to watch her little personality come out.

I did some candles up for the party; since I'm doing a sort of a natural theme I wrapped glass candles with soft bark sheets I pulled from a tree at the office. The candles are from Farmers Market Candles (Robert) http://www.marketcandle.com/ and they are only $10 for a wide selection of wonderful candles. They are clean-burning soy and they have a very high (12%) fragrance content and are very "true" to their fragrance; nothing artificial or yucky-smelling about these....
I did a vase up too in this bark, and I sure hope I can get the glue and bark off later!

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