Friday, January 8, 2010

Blogs Parfumés

I follow a fair number of French blogs, mostly decor and design, some of which I've started to add to my "following" list. I like the fresh persepective, different than we have in most of the blogs we have here. Usually more rustic, with use of objects found or on hand versus bought. And I laugh when I find English language items held in esteem, same as we would elevate French language items.

Lately I've found a few really great blogs based on the world of French perfumes; if I take it out of context I might imagine we are talking about wines.... the fragrance references; the reverence. Check out

In any case, I've been looking for a good new perfume for myself, and also noticed several blogs recommended a possible equal to Eau Sauvage, my all time favorite men's fragrance (Dior), and which I usually give R for Valentine's day.

Tomorrow I will be at CdM then will maybe go shopping. More on perfume tomorrow.

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