Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love Orange

Congratulations to the Cote De Texas winners of the rolling cart (Decorina blog) and the basket (Ruthie's Renewed Treasures)! I hope to hear from you soon so that I can get your merchandise mailed off before I leave for New York at the end of this week for the New York Gift Show. I am amazed that there were over 700 comments/entries, but I of all people can tell you, you are not alone, everyone covets one of these French Rolling Carts!

It is gloriously sunny today, after 5 days of constant rain, and we had a great turnout at the Corona del Mar farmers market. It's hard to believe, but it is indeed January here, "winter." I am still showing more of my Moroccan merch and winter colors like rust and blue and orange instead of the pinks and pastels; it will be Easter soon enough; my pastels and acid-pastels go quickly then.

When I first ordered the baskets, I hesitated on the orange, in all styles. Would Americans buy it? In Italy it is a color that you see more in the late fall and winter, paired with black or navy clothing; it is a warm color as it is a mix or yellow and red, and connotes the sun and warmth. Maybe that's why the Italians like it. In France I think of it more for the summer, sunny oranges and yellows come out. In New England it would remind me of the autumn leaves; I have only brown leather handles on the orange baskets now; I still have a few with black handles, and while those still sell it reminds me too much of Halloween. I showed the Cap Ferrat orange tote last year around the 4th of July paired with navy and red. It sold very well shown that way, and mostly to the 20'ish crowd who wanted "something unusual." For spring I will also bring back the raffia-handled Cassis tote, which will have a black criss-cross ribbon handle and a gardenia; Hot! Today I saw someone with orange shoe laces. Every day I notice orange; it's a great color and definitely not associated with Halloween unless it's with black.

Today on my front table, I showed an orange St. Tropez with some violet anemones and a few yellow tulips; it reminded me of all the other great orange baskets I've sold in the last year; lots of people love orange, it was even the basket the big fat Siamese cat on a leash in a stroller chose several months ago at my booth for a nice spot to sit in the here are just a few pics; the ikat liners will be for summer 2010 by the way. It's just the scarf tied on here.


  1. Is there any chance you will put a listing of which SoCal Farmer's Markets you will be visiting? I see that you were at CdM (and possibly Malibu?)

    I looked, but I can't find a "where to buy" on the main website. I would prefer to buy something in person, but I will buy online if I have to! You have gorgeous things!

  2. I love, love, love the rolling cart. I keep it in the room where we spend the most time just so I can see it often. It is even better in person than in the pictures!