Sunday, January 24, 2010

Orange, Pali Style

Following yesterday's post, I set out today to find Orange in the Pacific Palisades market, home of the Chic Shoppers armed with Hermes and Chanel bags, frequented by Jennifer Garner and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in addition to a host of producers and tv personalities...there were orange T's and orange pulls; orange scaves, orange pants and orange bags; orange orange orange! Did you doubt it was a cool hot color? Are we in Italy???

Here, first was Carmella the Ice Cream Queen's box for sample spoons:

The farmers have had to scramble to get merchandise that was not ruined by the rain. Anyone growing in a greenhouse did fine, as long as your greenhouse didn't get halfway blown down, as happened to some farmers in San Diego. But today in LA the sun was out, and we had a nice selection of winter fruits, veggies and citrus:

Meanwhile, on the hunt for Orange, I found Ronnie the Granola Guy's shoes:

Orange straps on a tote:

Orange cashmere with Vuitton and red/orange hair!:

And of course my favorite Orange Cap Ferrat tote:

Don't doubt the power of the orange!


  1. Just finishing up my late night when I saw your post, I'm not the only one running late on a Sunday night! Glad I stopped as your post tonight is beautiful and so inspiring. Your bags are gorgeous. Love the orange. Have a good week.

  2. i'm so glad that you are getting such an awesome response from the give-away. i'm loving all the bloggers i get to jump on and see all the lovies, i am soooo enjoying.