Friday, January 15, 2010

A Fine Diner

I swore that I wouldn't do any more dog posts for awhile, but here I go again!

Little Miss Honey went downtown to Cafe Zinc with me and Maria this morning, and had her breakfast, a poached egg and some of my oatmeal. She's a very ladylike puppy, taking food and eating it properly, as nicely as any Parisian Poodle....How I wish I could take Honey to France with me; she already knows how to behave at a cafe, how to sit in a chair, and how to sit up on her hindquarters in one controlled motion....she's already gotten in my coffee cups and wine glasses, which she likes but I won't let her have. Wouldn't it be fun?? Sorry, not much point to this post except I love to take my dog out to breakfast and I wish I were in Paris or Beaune....!

Fact: there are over 10 million dogs in France, roughly one dog for every 5 persons. There are over 150,000 dogs in Paris alone. As they say, plus je vois l'homme, plus j'aime mon chien (the more I see of man, the more I love my dog.)


  1. Ah, yes this is true, however all of those dog owners could use a good lesson in cleaning up 'Le poop'. It is everywhere here, just waiting for little kids to step right in the middle of it!

  2. Oooh la la at the dinner table!
    LOVE your baskets... and loved this photo on your site soooo much... had to paint it... come have a look!
    Once I decide on a colour... I MUST purchase a basket! FAB!!!