Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Chic Shopper's Tote

Thank you to everyone who has placed orders with me following the Cote de Texas giveaway! I have spent the last few days pulling merchandise and getting it all ready to go. I generally get all orders out in 24 hours, but that hasn't happened because of the volume of orders and a little extra time to find certain styles and sizes; I'm also spending a lot of time getting materials ready for the NY Gift. Unfortunately, in my huge stock of baskets (I have literally thousands of baskets) I can't locate my Dijon naturals. Found the pink and black, found the yellow and black. This drives me crazy, because it now means I have to pull just about everything out of the warehouse today and find it. I also did not find any more of the Mango Cap Ferrat totes, which have sold well thanks to my client in Palisades and her dog Laika; they are on my home page and have helped that color sell out!

Joni of Cote de Texas also used this image on the giveaway, and there were a bunch of cute comments on the photo and the dog. I was absolutely tickled last week to see that Fifi Flowers had made a great little painting of The Chic Shopper:

Image courtesy of http://www.fififlowersdesign.blogspot.com/; of course I had to buy the original! It's small but will go somewhere in my office. I am having notecards made up for the Chic Shopper herself, I wonder what she will say when I tell her she and Laika have made three appearances on the blogosphere??

I got this color in my first shipment, and it was part of an order for "orange" in the Cap Ferrat style. I named all of the styles myself, using my favorite places in France and choosing a place I thought was relevant to the style: in this case Cap Ferrat is very chic, but somewhat more understated than a place like Cannes; this tote does not have the drawstring liner, so it's not as fancy as the Cannes model.

Anyay, when I first opened the large sachet holding this color, I was surprised. It was like an acid mango color. But I soon realized it also perfectly matches the color of a bottle of Veuve Clicquot:

Well, this isn't the best image, but trust me, the color is an exact match. For Christmas that first year, I showed an empty bottle inside the small size of the basket; no one could believe it!

Anyway, I've sold them all now, even the last one which was slightly imperfect and discounted at 50% off. I will include this color in my spring order, which I'll finish when I get back from New York; then it will be a few months for production and shipping. Everything goes from Madagascar to France and then France to Los Angeles, by boat. OK now I have to get back to gluing in a few more labels and getting todays orders out. Back to work...

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  1. soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! I have a few Fifi originals myself. this will be perfect for your office. !!!