Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New....

For whatever reason, I've suddenly felt a swoosh of new energy and new creativity in my life since the beginning of the year; all 5 days of it! The holidays are past us know; there are no more dinners to make, people to entertain, cakes to bake and decorating to do. Just a whole lot of clean up...

I am finishing off the new line sheet for the year, a new postcard, and other materials for the New York Gift Show.

I am egregiously behind on several other projects for my dear suppliers in Madagascar, and will be working to finish off a few new complimentary lines.

French classes will soon be in session at Cargo & Company one evening each month, taught by yours truly!

I am also getting ready to start a new line and produce a certain written piece for publication. Madly working on that in between everything else, though it is clear as day in my head and just needs to be put to paper and dressed up. Stay tuned. ps the photos are from just outside of Versailles.

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