Sunday, November 7, 2010

Au fil des Ans

Life is transient.
A long string of constantly-changing events.

The French say
au fil des ans
literally, "over the string of years"
Isn't life indeed a long series of events?

Life is quick

(just ask any 80 year old)

life can change
as quickly as the colors of this evening's sunset
Just ask Valorie Hart of Visual Vamp.

the last two days I went to high school benefits;
the kids look so cute and young; one of the jazz ensemble~

life is ahead of them,
but do they fully understand it, no not really....
My nephew Dennis was a model today in the fashion show;
I took care of him when he was five,
suddenly he is six foot five;
is this too metrosexual of a getup?
I don't know but it was very cute
I was proud of him~
my sister is four years older than me
and Mom is starting to look like her Mom...

Do we become our parents and our older sisters?

though I have to say,
Sis looks great
My Mom is doing great though not a good pic;
my Grandma is 96 sharp as a tack
and my Grandma's brother is 100 and going strong

Nothing is constant but change.

We go this way but once

I donated many many baskets to today's
Servite High School Auction,
and I'm glad.
We have extended the auction for Valorie another week.

Be Good.

Do Well.


I will donate half of online French Basketeer sales
to Valorie this week.

You must paypal proceeds to Valorie prior to shipment.

email me with questions or to confirm stock


  1. Andrea, this is a wonderful post. I love seeing your family and your generosity never ends!

    Art by Karena

  2. I very much enjoyed this post Andrea. It rings very true to me at this phase of my life. Your family is wonderful, especially that handsome nephew. You have wonderful genes and so blessed to have your mother and grandmother. Not to forget your Uncle who is 100!!

    You've done so much for Valorie & Alberto. You are a generous and kind woman.

  3. You surely have paved your path to heaven this week my friend.

    Lovely family.