Monday, November 15, 2010


There is a report out today that reusable bags for sale at stores including Target, Walmart, CVS & Winn-Dixie "contain lead." Call in the FDA, quick!

The suspect bags are not made in Madagascar or Morocco. They are made in....ta dum....China!

None of the news reports state how much lead was found in any bag.

They just talk about the possibility of lead "rubbing or flaking off into food." Or the bags accumulating in landfills to the point where the lead would become a "health issue" by seeping into the groundwater.

Let's ignore the bacterial growth issue for now. I have an idea; how about a washable cotton tote or a basket?

Guaranteed to be lead-free. 100% Organic. And significantly easier on your eyes... Amazing, our world. In our food and in our merchandise, why is there this penchant for the manufactured and the overly-processed? How about just the good old basic stuff? Thank you for listening. I will step off my soap box now ;)


  1. These are the BEST! 100% organic and so useful. I love my basket from you!

  2. A standing ovation for your sudsy oration!

  3. I too love my basket from you. No sense to Chinese goods. I wonder why we have not boycotted them a long time ago on the human rights issues, at least!

  4. ~*~*LOL!! Im with ya on that!!~*~* Great post!! Hugs,Rachel ~*~*

  5. My grandson was a victim of lead poisoning as a baby. He is now four years old and still has some side effects from the lead. Please stay away from anything with lead. It only takes a very small amount to harm a child. I agree..stick with the basic stuff!
    Hugs, Sherry

  6. I adore my bag and can't wait to order an Eze, they are all so wonderful!! Andrea you are thoughtful beyond!!


    Art by Karena

  7. Amen!!! Is there room on that soap box for me, too?

    I took one of my Bandol style basket to the Taste of Home and it held all sorts of goodies like a charm! And because it's so light, it didn't add a bunch of extra weight and cause my shoulder to ache after walking around. LOVE IT!