Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Meet Roy Laird

It's a very sad story all the way around. Meet 88 year old Roy Charles Laird, who shot and killed Clara, his 86 year old wife of almost 70 years this week. She suffered from severe dementia, and was recently moved to a 24 hour care facility.

A nurse I know who cared for them said they were the sweetest couple together. Instead of spending Thanksgiving with his wife and daughter, who said it was a "mercy killing," Roy is sitting in jail on $1MM bail, waiting for his arraignment on November 30th.
As Thanksgiving approaches, I gather my thoughts, and think of sitting down for a wonderful meal in a pretty setting such as this (I wish!)~
I thank God for my health,
my youth,
and each day I have
on this good Earth,
as well as a long list of other wonderful things....
and I wonder:

Is there anyone elderly, alone or infirm
who would love to be remembered
or have some assistance this holiday?
Is there any extra room
around your Thanksgiving table?

I have invited my friend N to join us. She's 75, positively delightful and positively delighted to have the invite. She lives alone and isn't in great health. She will bring her Yorkie and a Rum Cake too.
We are going to the dogs this Thanksgiving. Honey, Biscuit (baby shot above), Isabella, Lola and Chelsea-Ann + others will be there. I'm sure we will count on a little Chaos as well.


  1. I can't imagine anything more fun than a house full of 4 legged loved ones on Thanksgiving - lucky you! We are going away but you've reminded me to take a little treat over to my elderly neighbor, thank you.

  2. You ask an important question.

    Thank You.

  3. The tale is so sad... Bless you for reaching out to your "neighbor" - and I'm sure you WILL be blessed. I've found that older people have such rich lives they can share with us. I remember teaching a literacy class with a woman who was 75 at the time (she was my assistant). For Thanksgiving, she quietly cooked a turkey dinner for EVERYONE in the program!! Oh, to have spunk and energy and love like that at 75!!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (LOVE that cute puppy!!!)

  4. I have a non profit program where I bring movies to assisted living homes weekly to the elderly and they enrich my life so much by listening to their stories or just sitting with them. If everyone,like yourself took some time out of each week to visit with an elderly friend, you would be amazed at how much it would change your life for the better...Warm hugs and much love sent your way on this Thanksgiving. Thank you for taking the time and bringing an elderly friend into your life! xxoo :)

  5. When I was a little girl my grandparent's good friend Jimmy Gain killed his elderly parents then himself. Every time he went to visit, his mom just cried and his dad begged him to end it. As someone who cared and watched her Papa Jack disappear before her eyes, there is a part that feels for Roy. I am so glad Sweet N has a place at the table. I am crazily running around today as I am sure you are as well.
    I will be announcing the big sale for Friday on DTA.
    Got out my Shiny Brites and am tying one onto each FB basket with tulle in prep for next Friday's market. Can't wait. Need to inventory and price everything.

  6. Yes, murder is still a crime in most areas.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. It is a sad state of affairs, especially when there is always hope and some way to get help......it just did not come soon enough.

    At our holiday events it is always an open house for those who have noone to be with.


    Art by Karena