Monday, November 8, 2010

Dinner for Rick

Our only brother was in town from Denver.
What do do? Have a dinner party of course!
We consumed:
a whole leg of lamb
crusted in herbs, Dijon mustard & garlic;
salmon en croute x2
pomme dauphinoise ++
and a bunch of other yummies~

the table was set with a dove grey Metis sheet,

white Matteo napkins & deer sheds.

I used the last votives from Nicole's Party

but covered them in burlap~

the apples cut the red valentine look~
arrangements in empty mustard jars from Beaune~
this is a preview of holiday

it was great with my sister's red dining room~

a little bit of kale~
the boxwood, and a little bit of antlers~
I call them (affectionately) my Feed Bag Family.

Put that trough out

they mow through it all

and take the crumbs home.

It's safe, they don't read my blog;

they don't read any blogs.

Eight pears Belle Helene,

a white layer cake with apricot filling

topped with strawberry/raspberry sauce

& blackberry/mulberry sauces from summer.


A pair of large apple tarts & caramel ice cream.

Yummy; home made ice cream is the best.

Maybe it's a good thing I don't need to worry about leftovers.

Someone asked me; yes of course, all the food is fait maison/home made.


  1. What a beautiful table, meal, and family! You certainly know how to celebrate in stlye. Such a lovely talent.


  2. Very nice indeed. Don't know about Kahlua and apricot together though. I like a bit more traditional filling with apricot.

  3. OMG!


    I wish I could go back to our Friday night dinner party here and re-do our table-scape!!!

    Well, I can't, but you have inspired me for next one.

  4. Amazing..amazing..amazing. Andrea your brother will want to come to visit monthly. You are blessed with a wonderfully large family.

    x Deb

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  6. Andrea how wonderful! A delightful and gourmet inspired evening with Family! The table is so creative!

    Art by Karena

  7. Ok, I am licking my computer screen. This is not good since I am the school design lab. :)

    Can't wait to see you!

  8. Andrea, you have a special talent creating the most beautiful tables!

  9. Pretty table, sounds like a wonderful party - I wish I could cook like that!

  10. The table looks beautiful and the food looks yummy :-) I love those burlap covered votives!

  11. ~*~BEAUTIFUL table setting~*~Thanks for stopping by my blog today!! Hugs, Rachel~*~