Tuesday, November 16, 2010

LA County Says No to Plastic Bags

This just in....Los Angeles County voted today to ban plastic bags in unincorporated areas of the County.
Plastic bags will not be offered at grocery stores, pharmacies and liquor stores; a paper bag will cost you 10 cents. This applies to approximately one million people living in unincorporated areas of LA County, not the 88 cities that comprise Los Angeles.
We have a program in CA to recycle plastic bags at the grocery stores; it's a failed attempt. As Mark Gold of Heal the Bay says, "you can not recycle your way out of the plastic bag problem."
Definitely a step in the right direction for Los Angeles. Laguna is voting tonight for a "day without plastic bags," to be held in December. It's been a successful program in other cities.

First two images courtesy of Los Angeles Times.


  1. I think recycling bags won't work we need an all out ban on plastic bags as well as plastic water bottles. We are used to having everything with no sacrifices, why would it be so hard to have to figure out how to get our goods home!
    I followed the voyage of the plastiki, a boat made out of recycled water bottles, to make people aware of plastic and it's affect on the planet, very interesting.
    Every piece of plastic ever produced still exists, scary right.

  2. Great follow up to your earlier post Andrea!!


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  3. I think that is awesome!! Wish Seattle would follow your lead!! Hugs,Rachel ;)

  4. Yep. San Francisco has passed it; and in the North Bay we are slowly following suit.