Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Transition

Last year I had most of my Christmas decor formulated before Thanksgiving, because we had the Romantic Homes Shoot in mid-December. This year, I am taking the holidays one at a time. As the 12 grandkids grow up, it seems the activity of the small children in the family is being replaced by our dogs, all ages, but mostly under 15 months~ Honey was decked out in cranberry velvet & jingle bells this weekend~

I made a jingle bell collar for each dog for Thanksgiving dinner, to go into Christmas, including Miss Biscuit~
Isabella is one of the more senior dogs at 4 years old; I thought of her first for the bell collars as Italian Greyhounds sport them in old paintings so often~
I whipped up the Thanksgiving decor the day-of and didn't get to enjoy it, really, though Sis is still loving the florals and especially the nuts & citrus I brought~

But move on I will. I went to a garden shop yesterday with lots of branches and things covered in glitter & plastic crystals. Made in China. I came home and went through the cupboards to replicate them with something natural. I will do a tutorial this week, but my holiday table will include natural items brushed with Modge Podge and dusted in sugar, two kinds of course salt, and glass glitter~

add in a little moss; I sampled a few branches and pine cones I found in the garden~

and coated some clear glass candles; these are my fav's and I can think of other stuff in the garden that I will coat with the sugar and fine glitter....
Tutorial and info this week. Tomorrow I am back to Rancho Santa Fe Farmers market.


  1. I can see you have come up with some great ideas Andrea. I look forward to the tutorial! Mod Podge is at the ready!

    The dogs are so adorable with their bells and collars.

    Art by Karena

  2. Great minds think alike... or so they say. Can I hope? Anyway, I stopped by Michael's tonight on the way home from Orange Co. to grab different kinds of glitter and white satin ribbon after I was in Pottery Barn in Costa Mesa and loved all the Christmas decor that played up the natural theme by making it sparkle. (Wow that was a run-on sentence!). I want to do a live tree this year and glam it up a bit but keep it natural with pinecones and perhaps some berries of some kind. I'm going to the thrift store to buy old music books to make into ornaments with glitter; I bought some plastic snowflakes at Michael's (super cheap) and I'll add more glitter to them as well; and I've bought a ton of narcissus bulbs to force. Can't believe I forgot the moss... your post reminded me. Still brainstorming so I'll really be looking forward to your tutorial.

    I was SO CLOSE to you this weekend... if it hadn't been the holidays I would have had to give you a ring. My oldest daughter and I went to help pack and process shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. What a blessing to be a part of such a neat ministry! (Obviously we took advantage of a bit of shopping on the way home.)

  3. Oh so pretty. I love to freeze grapes, paint them with eggs white and sugar them. They say you shouldn't eat them..... :)

    Isabella captured my heart.