Saturday, March 13, 2010

Carmela's Ice Cream

At Palisades, my neighbors are usually Ronnie from Scone Age Granola on one side, and Carmela's Ice Cream on the other. The ice cream is new to the market, but even in early spring they are doing well, and it's a nice addition to the market. My Sunday morning breakfast consists of a tamale (green chile and goat cheese, usually), but now I follow that late-morning with a palate-cleansing little taste of ice cream....yum...

Carmela's is also a family business, started by Jessica Mortarotti. For a few months, Jessica's brother was manning the booth, known to us simply as The Ice Cream Dude. I don't know why we never asked him for his name, but I think Ice Cream Dude is just simpler.... He plays saxaphone in a jazz quartet and is now on the road, so Jessica has been there lately. I've enjoyed talking with her as we face similar challenges as we build our businesses.

As with me too, Jessica had a clear idea of what she wanted for color and logo and signage; here is her logo:

And the flavors found recently; brown sugar vanilla bean and salted caramel sell very well, but I love the mint cacao nib; all of the flavors are natural; Jessica uses only local organic produce and herbs in her ice creams...haven't tried the ice cream sandwiches yet!
She uses cups and lids made of sugar cane; at the market you can get two sizes of containers: Being a eco-responsible business, she also uses bio-d spoons, set out in a nice little red and orange case:
You can buy Carmela's ice cream at various specialty stores, or of course just come to the Pacific Palisades farmers market on Sunday mornings....she will also ship to you, if for example you have a fancy dinner or wedding and need something special....find them online HERE.
It's been bugging me a lot that I can't figure out how to create a hyperlink on my blog, but now I discovered the link button on my dashboard. So now you will see HERE instead of the full URL....progress! Have a great weekend everyone....see you at the markets!

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  1. I really want to go to this market, too bad it is on the other side of the country (and in another country). It sounds like such fun! Have the best weekend and ice cream is my weakness (or downfall) and you just made me think about it way too much. Sound delicious.