Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour & Nicole's Pasadena

I have to post fast here because we are getting ready for Earth Hour 2010 and lights out from 8:30 to 9:30. I just got back from Pasadena a few minutes ago, I will explain later in the post. Earth Hour has become a global movement whereby for a single hour each year, people around the globe turn off their lights to symbolize how we can all work together to combat climate change. My take is a little different; while I fully support sustainable living and practices, I am in support of a more European style of consumption and awareness; that is, consume less. Are you aware when you leave lights on? Are you aware of the faucet running too strong or not being used? Are you aware of your landscape irrigation running down the gutter? Of the extra trips you take in the car? I try to be cognizant of these things, of waste. I hope you will too.... to read more on Earth Hour go HERE.

In Laguna, there is a parade downtown this eve, and there has been great buzz thanks to Max Isles and Transition Laguna. Way to go!

In other news, I was at Corona del Mar today for the market; one of my recent clients came back to show me her basket and thank me for a quality product, which was full of sweet peas today:
And speaking of Sweat Peas, dear Liza came by without Charlie Chan the Pug, and told me that Charlie has cancer, at 10 months of age! I am in shock, and thinking of them all day; she is strong but distressed; Charlie is the love of her life, along with her husband Donald, and Charlie and Honey have a little Saturday affair every week; I am really worried for the three of them....thinking of Liza and Charlie all day today.... My new pink Antibes baskets; I can't feel happy looking at them thinking of Charlie...And lastly, I went to Pasadena this afternoon after an intro from my client Sylvia; she is a regular at Nicole's. I was also referred by the uber-Francophile Anne Aubert. Indeed, Nicole's does not disappoint; I brought Mom along for the ride and we shared a Croque Monsieur and Salade Nicoise; close my eyes and I'd tell you I was in France. That Good. Wow!!! If I were going to the Hollywood Bowl or having a nice party, I'd go see Nicole. In the end, she took about 25 baskets; if you are in the Pasadena area, stop by; you can visit her website HERE; she has a gift shop around the corner staffed by the very capable Melanie; more later....

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  1. Hi there--I am in Laguna Beach this weekend leaving on Monday mid-morning. While in the area I would love to see your bags. Where might I find them? Thanks!