Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On Being Busy

Where has the last week gone? I have wanted to post but haven't. I read a magazine article today that interviewed Brooke Shields, and she reinforced that we are all going around the corner on two wheels, fighting to stay in balance. Even Brooke?

Well, my week has not been spent idly. The normal course of my life is "busy", and I've spent the last seven days taking care of my family, meeting with a handyman, an electrician, mucking out part of the house, painting a kitchen, hanging new window treatments, dropping merchandise off at Paris to the Moon in Costa Mesa and Whimzy in Tustin; more on those later:

...following up on leads from New York, mailing cards and following up on the April Romantic Homes Magazine article featuring French Basketeer, chasing down fabrics for the spring Morocco line; lots of orders coming and going, mail, bills, paperwork, Facebook, an odd Twitter post, finding a dog school/trainer, interviewing breeders for a new puppy, and planning a birthday party for my niece while helping plan a wedding for a friend Kristin (both on March 20th, am I crazy?). Oh, and my Mom is on a juice kick so she asked me to bring her a basket of veggies to juice, from the Pacific Palisades farmers market; this got such a great reaction Sunday; every time I fill a basket like this I sell a lot of them and get a lot of spontaneous smiles:
Part of the week has been spend on a few tragic events; I am so sad about Chelsea King in San Diego; breaks my heart; my sister runs a lot and it worries me. There was also little Julia Siegler run over in Brentwood; even if it was an accident, so tragic and unnecessary; slow down, people....this is the memorial on Sunset:

Lastly, language: talking to a breeder in the Czech Republic re a puppy is difficult; my suppliers and I are ping-ponging in French re the new pieces; R needs help on an insurance letter for the house in Beaune...he thinks they are raising the rates but that is not the case and I have to translate for him....never ending....Brighter new and take care of your kids and families....

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  1. Oh I'm so jealous of that abundance of fresh vegies! I'm now drinking 'green' drinks every day!