Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crossroads School Santa Monica

A few weeks ago I got talking with Nancy, one of the regulars at the Palisades market. She was thrilled to discover that the baskets are made in Madagascar, because she happens to teach 6th grade at an excellent school and they were studying about Madagascar and Fair Trade. Would I like to come speak to the kids? Sure! We agreed on a date and time after a few emails, and then the group went from one class to three. So today I presented to about 100 6th graders at Crossroads School in Santa Monica.

This was a sharp bunch of kids! I arrived right at 8 after a two hour drive; even in the carpool lame. Traffic just keeps getting worse! I gave my intro and told them to ask questions at any time. After about 6 slides, we decided to abandon most of the rest of the presentation (though I've used it before and it's very effective) and just go the Q&A. The kids asked a range of questions, from how much time it takes to make a basket, to my marketing strategy, to what I think about having employees and what my plans are for expansion. I have to tell you kids and your parents, you asked better questions than most adults and clients have ever asked!!

The crazy fun part of the event was the end; I brought a bunch of non-branded reusable bags, produce bags, and t-shirts with either French Basketeer or Plastic Bags are So Passe screened on them. These are from the launch and this is about the end of them, but holy smokes did those kids snatch up those freebies! The teachers were trying to say let's round it up and give them out later, but it quickly became a small frenzy!

I hope to see some of the kids at the market; we didn't really have time to talk about the farmers in the detail I had wanted, though we talked about it briefly; but these kids definitely understand Fair Trade and Sustainability, among other topics.

I was impressed, they even had a parking spot reserved for me!

Tonight, I strung up 100 ft of lights under the loggia for the dinner tomorrow; this is the prelim, for the lights only;

That's burlap on the table, which will become an 18ft cloth when I get to it. Crap I am tired this week: board meeting, puppy school, work x7, French classes, Crossroads lecture, two birthday parties to host, 2 farmers markets and a wedding. I'm starting to fatique tonight but a good night sleep and a cup of coffee will fix that! Here is another view; I'll be up at 6am to finish the tablecloth, set the table and finish the flowers. I had wanted to do a pleated tablecloth, but because the guest list has expanded, I have an 18ft table and so no pleats; the lanterns are so pretty, with the tails, and by the time I get the table set and flowers done, no one will care about the pleats....

Yours, un peu fatiguee, Andrea

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