Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Party x2

Well, the family/birthday party that I was going to have on Saturday has multiplied now, into a 21st birthday party for my niece Nicole on Friday night and a 20th birthday for my niece Erin on Saturday. Nicole decided to come down from San Francisco to celebrate with us, but she has to leave Saturday so we will party twice this week!

I had already decided to use the paper lanterns I got at my neighbor Yvette's garage sale. Yesterday I found a string of Christmas lights and sprayed the cord and sockets white. I hung it up over the French doors that go from the living room to the patio, and then had Nicole and Chris help me assemble the lanterns; this is how it looked last night:
That puts me in the mood for a party! Notice the pretty little silk ribbons that Yvette had added to each one:
Everyone thought it looked great; and then I counted them: guess what, 21 lanterns for a 21st birthday! We had a nice dinner on the table next to the door; when I turned around, this was the view:
Here is how it looks this morning; it will be pretty for Easter, but I'm not done yet, I still have to add the strands under the loggia; that will be about 80 more lanterns;

Before dinner, Nicole and I tied the napkins; they look really fresh and match the color theme:
It's a beautiful warm day today, and the sun came streaming in the dining room onto the flowers, which will be perfect for the weekend:

Enjoy your day!

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  1. How absolutely lovely.......makes me want to have a party and use lanterns. Beautiful and makes the birthday girls feel so special, the best part.