Saturday, March 20, 2010

Erin's Birthday

My sister enlisted me to throw a birthday party for her daughter, Erin. Sometimes when I look at Erin I think back to her early years, when I used to come over and ask her "Who's your favorite auntie?" and without hesitation, she would say enthusiastically, "YOU ARE!" That cute little kid has grown into a lovely young woman who is a student at George Washington University in DC, and I was so happy to have a little dinner for her. Most of the guests were family, just a few friends, so it was a nice little affair, which means about 15 of us.

I had a little cosmopolitan bar on the patio, but the sweet Meyer's lemons presented like this in the kitchen as I sliced them; it reminded me of a Dutch still life, on an English Ironstone platter: then the blood oranges, again with that ray of sun, which we get for only a few minutes every afternoon:
Here is part of the bar as it was set up; lemon and blood orange juice in the carafes, raspberry-infused vodka, a few mixers; it was a pretty setup in front of the pond:
Here is one of the salad platters, baby lettuce and golden beets from Johnny Suede; everyone at all of it;
Erin (l) and her friend Paige; Paige is a cancer survivor and a dear dear young woman; I had them light all those little tealights for me:

Erin at the table, caught offguard and a little blurry....

I added votives on the table tonight. Unfortunately I had no time and got the cheap ones in the silver metal; they made a mess of the table and one guest set a napkin on fire. Next time I will get the glass ones from Shinoda. But, no mind, tonight was perfect! I was also happy that everyone tonight knew which plate was for salad and which plate was for the main course (filet mignon and salmon en croute). Yeah!
I look at this photo and I feel a sense of accomplishment. Lessons: glue gun the tablecloth, keep napkins away from tea lights if possible.....:)

One last shot:
Did I mentioned I am exhausted? Going to bed now!

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