Sunday, March 14, 2010

Music Sets the Stage

We have a variety of musicians for the Sunday Palisades market; honkey tonk banjo team (favorite with the kids!), steel drum, classical Spanish guitar. Music helps set the scene and make a family environment. Today we had a quartet; they were lovely to listen to all day; they best call the manager in advance, though they don't have to. Good live music makes for a GREAT market. I took their photo today then threw a buck into the guitar case.

I started the day shopping for the dinner party next weekend and for dinner tonight: fresh garlic, yes: here it is, stuffed in a wooden crate, waiting to be sold by Johnny Suede:

He also sells fresh dandelion; back in my NYC memory I want to saute this with a little lemon and put in a salad, but I have to ask John; wow does it look FRESH:

His wife is Japanese; they sell bok choy; the tips are nice and white, freshly cut:

I first noticed the farm for their lettuces: look at these fresh bunches, ready to go; you will buy them if you see them in person, they are SO fresh and pretty!

A regular of mine told me today John is retired military; no wonder he has this sign:

I bought a bunch of swiss chard and other greens from John today; also this fresh chamomille, which I will dry for tea; doesn't it look great in a yellow basket with swiss chard???:

finer detail of the chamomille flowers:

On to today's flowers, the selection was awesome for March, considering the rest of the country and the weather; I lived in NYC for 13 years and Mum is from Canada; we love fresh in March!!
Spray roses from Cho's in Oxnard, one of my favorites:

I bought a bunch of these white roses for next weekend, grown by Cho's, always fabulous:

We have all sorts of cut and potted orchids at the market:

See Skyline from Oxnard for tulips in colors that are amazing; I bought the peach ones here:
Skyline also has pretty cut branches; it's not NYC and forschythia and cherry blossoms, but it's what is grown here:

Tulips in orange shades were fabulous:

Roses from Bill; I love his roses; best deal/best quality; I got sorbet-orange and hot pink from him today to match my paper lanterns:

We have sunflowers in the market in March; why: I don't know!

Here is the bucket I came home with: Bill, Cho's, Skyline:
And here it is in about 6 vases; I will add greens from the garden and fluff it all up: see them later this week....

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