Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cook, Clean Up, Repeat

I am taking a breather from the day's work. I set up for Corona del Mar market, then went to Kristin's wedding, which I'll post on soon. Now I am getting ready for tonight's dinner, for another niece, who is turning 20.

I was up late last night cleaning up after the party, when my sister called at midnight and advised that I drink lots of water, take a multivitamin, and be sure I have lots of food and drink for the party (it's for her daughter). We are wondering if this was such a good idea, back to back parties. I have never had to clean everything up for such a fast turnaround; wash the napkins, the plates, the silver, the glasses, and put them out for use again immediately. The good thing is that I will rearrange a little for tonight. It was nice though to get up this morning and see everything clean....the Limoges: My assorted glasses....
And pile of silver....

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