Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bella & Lucy Go to Market

I forgot to charge my camera for today, and invariably when it's dead I miss a great shot or have to use my blackberry. Arrgh. Like today, when a young family came to the market; Mom & Dad bought an XL Eze-style basket for the market and beach, and Dad chose small baskets for each of his daughters, new merchandise with a leather zip-top. The girls had a pair of 8 week old Yorkie puppies, littermates Bella & Lucy, who were very happy to be carried around in their new baskets. The picture does not do the scene justice; I hope they will be back next week and I can get a better shot!!
I have been reading Carolyn Roehm's Passion for Flowers this week; we are lucky with our weather that we can get nice fresh flowers all year, and if you work at the markets you also get discounts :) It would be nice to have the cool New England weather, but I'll enjoy where I am for the moment... these dahlias, spider mums, tuberose, casablanca and oriental lillies are from David & Hector in CdM. I'll be enjoying them all week.

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