Thursday, October 22, 2009

Girls Night

Who needs a focus group when you've got great girlfriends? Last night we went to Meriam's house and had a little party with sushi, white wine and a bunch of new merchandise. Everyone had great comments and it really helped me as I decide what to reorder for Christmas. Patti recently bought a small sample from me in Corona del Mar; a little bucket bag; she put a bottle of wine in it and gave it to Djive, who now uses it for her lunch bag and thinks it's very practical and a definite reorder item. Djive and I also spent some time brainstorming for a new product line that she will design and I will have manufactured in Madagascar. It was a very creative and productive night.
My favorite new bag is one of the samples I received, the satchel. As you know I have named all the bags after my favorite French places; this bag is special and it will have a special name: the Paris Satchel. I'm going to have a few improvements made to it; it will be awesome!
That got me thinking though, maybe I should have a little party every time my new arrivals are in. Do a little shopping, have a glass and catch up with my regular shoppers and friends and clients.....good idea!

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