Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Morocco Merch

I got several hundred new pieces in this week, and am just rolling them out. If you are on my list, I call you and let you know when the new stuff is in and you get first dibs; then I get it out into the markets and certain private clients. My client "P" for example came by and bought for a gift for tonight and let me know she wants the baby baskets (photo) for her Christmas gifts; the good stuff goes fast, and it's limited. If you are not on my list and want to be on that list, please email me immediately...:) I have a few sure winners in this new batch, which is very consistent across the line and very very high quality. My supplier also sent a few samples, and many of those went right away to my retail clients. Unusual shapes, handmade, organic. OK more later; here are a bunch of photos. Today we were in CdM and tomorrow in Palisades farmers market and Studio City Farmers market. will post tomorrow. I have just one of the giant satchel left; Kelly the Pasta Lady loves it, and here she is as my model. It's unusual and very large; another retail client took the smaller version; you could carry your life in this bag!

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