Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just Add Dog, or "Laika"

Last weekend in Palisades I had a mother/daughter team of shoppers; Mom chose the mango Cap Ferrat tote, her adorable little daughter chose a small rose-pink Cap Ferrat. They were back today with their totes, and Mom looked very chic and very French all in black, with a fringed wrap because the weather was gray, and her French Basketeer tote. Note her cute little black flats and slightly flared pants; people tend to be either sporty or chic, and here you have Chic.
But her best accessory was her gorgeous Golden, on a Chanel-esque chain leash, who gave me a nice dog smile for this photo....dogs are not allowed to go through the market, but they can go behind our booths on the sidewalk.
The dog's name is Laika, which Mom told me was the first space dog (Russian) and that her young son is into space and astronomy so he chose that name. Upon further reading, I see that Laika was on Sputnik 2 in 1957, and unfortunately did not survive her flight due to a malfunction of thermal controls. Though of course at that time, no one knew if a dog, let alone a human, could even withstand launch. So this is why the Soviets took Laika 1, a stray, and trained her and eventually put her into orbit; Laika then made the ultimate contribution to space travel.
See, didn't I tell you these folks in Palisades are a pretty intellectual crowd (in addition to being snappy dressers and lovers of authentic French market baskets)? They name their dogs after Russian cosmo-canines!
PS, Mom, next week, come see me for a free cotton net produce bag; I can't stand seeing that plastic bag peeking out of your nice tote.....

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