Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Julia's Paris, on a Shoestring

Julie & Julia is going to continue to provide me with some great fodder for blog posts. I think this is #3 or 4...

There is an epicurean tour company in New York that gives a tour based on Julia's life in France. You get 7 nights of hotels, including the hotel where Julia and Paul stayed when they first arrived in Paris, and several nights in the south of France. There is the possibility of visiting her country home in the south of France. A cooking lesson at the Cordon Bleu is included. You get to go on several walking tours of Paris, and see the markets where Julia shopped and get restaurant recommendations for "the type of restaurants that would have inspired her." The price? Starting at $2,150. Not too bad, eh?

Until you read the fine print. What is included: A glass of champagne upon arrival in Paris, 7 nights of lodging and a one-way TGV ticket to Avignon. What is not included: airfare, meals, wines, minibar, tips, insurance, the return train trip from Avignon (this is implied), airport arrival and departure fees, and oh yes, a guide. This is an unguided tour for $307 a day; so you get lodging and a written itinerary to follow around Paris. Of course you can pay for a guide, but that is extra and the price is not quoted.

As I have said before, reading a list of what to see and do in Paris is like reading a list of missing persons; you hope to God that you are not going to find a name you know. They omitted the cook supply store that I know she shopped at. Thank you!

I dunno, this doesn't sound like such a great trip, nor does it sound like a very good value. I'd start my own French travel biz except I'm kinda busy with the baskets. Still, feel free to email me if you need any French travel tips....

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