Saturday, October 24, 2009

Potted Pesto

Sometimes I just sort of fall into a blog post. I mean, it finds me and hits me over the head. This week I went up to a vendor who sells items inlcuding pesto; she was in conversation about a pesto, saying "they said it was too strong!" When that customer left, I asked her, "how could any pesto be too strong?" Well, turns out she was asked to make a pesto for a local pot dispensary. She used a base of a current pesto she has, and added pot, for those who can not smoke it. How would anyone know how to make that?? And who would have thought! It was completely incongruous with this vendor. ...I am still scratching my head over that one. I relayed the story to one other person today, and it took a few minutes to understand that someone had actually made pot into a pesto. She couldn't imagine that pot pesto would actually taste good; let alone "not strong." OMG! No good photo for this one, I am posting a shot from last fall from Calabasas.....

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