Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Career Advice & CakeWrecks

Today I gave a presentation (twice, in fact) to girls at the high school I attended. In New York in my early 20's, I revealed to my boss one day that I had graduated from an all-girls Catholic high school. "That explains a lot," he responded. I wasn't sure quite how to take that, but he did think I was a pretty buttoned-up and focused anlyst. Anyway, I did my little presentation today on how I started the basket business, and offered plenty of career advice. One of my tips was to keep your eyes open and pay attention to trends and interesting ideas or themes; you are never too young to be an entrepreneur.

The girls seemed a little surprised that I would suggest that they could be entrepreneurs. Just this morning I read a headline online about teen millionaire entrepreneurs. Here is a related post; http://www.forbes.com/2008/02/09/teen-millionaires-startups-ent-success-cx-ml_0211millionaires.html

Jam? Who would have thought, right?

Later today someone sent me a link from the NY Times regarding a blog called CakeWrecks, see http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ which is a very entertaining blog about cakes gone wrong; I've attached a few photos here. This blogger has moderated a wonderful blog based on submissions from followers; she has a book coming out and will be on tour, and as you can see, advertisers on her blog. I would call her successful, though I don't know her personal profile.

So, girls: keep your eyes open: cakes, jams, baskets. Who would have thought? Find something you love, find something that is interesting to people that they will want to pay money for, unless of course you aren't in it for the money in which case just have a fabulously interesting site and make of it what you can....

One of the students, Noreen, asked if I was "accepting interns." That was an unexpected question! Sure, I said. We'll see what little projects I can find for Noreen.

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