Thursday, October 22, 2009

Witches in the 'Hood

Halloween is a very polarizing event in our family. My sister loves it and goes all out; the house is decked out with all kinds of decorations: pumpkins, tombstones, black cats and the like. She carefully chooses the costume that she will wear to work, and will host a "witches party" for her gal-neighbors.

As much as my sister loves Haloween, our Mom hates it. With a passion. When we were kids we had a lot of fun with Dad bringing the full skeleton named Joe Bones home from work, buckled in the passenger seat, and then putting him in the window and playing scary music. But now, she won't have any of it. I put major matching pumpkins on the pillars on the drive, and she has threatened to lasso them down. I got pumpkins to use for display at the markets, and put them at the back door during the week; she complains about them daily. I eased on the Halloween look and instead got a few whimsical scarecrows for the booth too, but she says when she looks out the back door at night she gets scared because she thinks there are real people lurking there, so I took them away....I can't win.

Our neighborhood gets in the spirit though. I went to drop a note off to Yvette, and was thrilled to see the witch she had put up. How did she get that up there? Fabulous! I drove by later, in the evening, and it's subtly lit. The Shea's have an enormous scary pirate skeleton hanging from their star pine; I think the eyes glow red at night! And every year a neighbor puts up this witch on the fence corner; I drive past it twice a day and each year I still think it's clever...

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