Monday, December 17, 2012

Au Bar

Saturday after the morning market we went to the Marche de Noel in Meursault, then back to Beaune late in the day.  R wanted to stop again at his favorite bar, his “local,” which is really a working man’s bar.  We greet everyone when we enter, and they greet us in return.  But they don’t have much chit chat for us; they are all busy playing the scratchers lotto games.  And I mean everyone in the bar is playing scratchers, non stop.  The couple next to us happened to drop the 10 centimes coin they were using to scratch off their cards, and it was a catastrophe.  After about ten minutes of looking, the barkeep came out to aid with his broom, everyone searching frantically for the lost coin.


It was not to be found.  But it sure did provide us with great entertainment.  While this was happening, a tall, thin man with a grey ponytail walked in…..surely I know him, why does he look so familiar?  R was on the spot; he is the picker who is always ahead of us in line at Emmaus at 1:20pm each day, before they open at 1:30.  Of course!

I was desperate to take photos in the bar, but it’s not what is done.  No, you don’t dare take photos in many cases, especially if you want to be a local.  So I silently dropped the camera between my knees, and snapped, a single, long long long exposure.  But I was happy with the result, above.  Sort of like a billiard shot behind the back.  Finishing a chicken in the oven, and planning the photo shoot in detail.  More tomorrow. 


  1. Great shot!
    I totally know how it is when it us so not cool to take photos...
    If they only knew how much they are enjoyed!

  2. Andrea, The local bars are the places to pick up the flavor of the area. Where all are themselves, casual and for real!

    Love & Hugs,
    Art by Karena

  3. Very interesting, no shots in a Bar.
    Is that the coin on his heel?
    Merry Christmas to you and family.