Sunday, December 16, 2012

Le Marche du Samedi

I love the Saturday market in Beaune more than any other market in the world.  It’s more subdued in winter than in the glory of summer, but this week I found just what I wanted: fromage blanc and beurre from a local dairy, lots of fresh vegetables, lots of herbs, and some mushrooms, which will be photographed first and eaten later.  I’ll show you pics of the produce I saw later; this morning I just wanted to leave you with this photo~


Now as when I am in my golden years, please let me be someplace where I can ride my bike to the market and fill my large panier with fresh baguettes and local produce.  Isn’t she great?  It’s early morning Monday here; I’m going out for a drive and photos; there is lots to do today!  Hope you had an excellent weekend.


  1. A lady after my own heart..............baguettes and a bicycle. I'm looking forward to exploring this area further with you and Mr R. Bonne semaine et bisous.

  2. What memories your post brings back to me, 23 yrs ago visiting my 1st French markets.I'm a new follower and I'm Loving reading about your trips here & there in France.