Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cadeaux de Noel

Merry Christmas Everyone~ I’m not done posting about my travels, but I did bring a few goodies back with me, and today I want to pass some of them along to those who visited during my trip~

1.  BONHEUR: A cute little door hanger made by a local French woman and purchased at the Marche de Noel in Meursault, Burgundy.  I love this little piece; it was included in the magazine shoot for gift ideas~ 


2.  THE SWEETS: A pair of French preserve jars: Pear-Vanilla made in the “old style” and Fruits des Bois; I use them for cake fillings, but they’d be equally good on a croissant~


3.  La LAVANDEUSE: A large jar of savon de Marseille soap flakes, great for your own French laundry; in a vintage French jar and packaged for the photo shoot~ 


4.  SAVON NOIR: Black liquid savon de Marseille made from a base of olive oil; wonderful for organic household cleaning, in fun French packaging~


5.  BISCUITS ROSES: Thirty-six French tea biscuits; these are pink, not rose-flavored, but they are fantastic with tea~


6.  Le CHEF: For the cooks, a small jar of Maille Fine de Dijon Mustard, a package of great salad spices from the Beaune farmers market, and a trio of hand-made bouquet garni made from herbs from the Beaune market~


Given that I arrived home on Christmas eve, I went ahead and randomly selected winners based on the order of posting; congratulations to:

TERRI from La Dolfina

KIM from White Whispers2U

KARENA from Art by Karena

LAURA from Décor to Adore

SHEILAA131 from San Francisco

LYNNE from Dreams on 34th Street


Please email me or comment here on your choice of gifts; Terri has first dibs and so on~ look for more gifts on my next trip, which is already in the works! 



  1. Dearest Andrea, I am excited to see your homecoming post! Oh my goodness; I would be thrilled with the pair of sweet preserve jars...what a treat!

    Love and Hugs to you and you family during this wondrous Holiday Season!

    Art by Karena

  2. What a surprise! Thank you. I would enjoy the biscuits or bonheur. Glad you're home safe and best to,you. It was delightful reading about your trip.

    Sheila in SF

  3. What a pleasant surprise to win. I would like the bonheur or the tea biscuits. It was fun reading about your trip.

    Sheila in Sf

  4. What a surprise! Thank you. I would enjoy the biscuits or bonheur. Glad you're home safe and best to,you. It was delightful reading about your trip.

    Sheila in SF

  5. Thank you for being selected. I would like either the biscuit cookies or the bonheur. Hope you had a Merry Christmas. It was a wonderful trip you shared via your posts.

    Sheila in SF

  6. The "Savon Noir", please... as I sit here delirious on the morning after, I see more cleaning in my future! LOL (I would be honored to receive any of the goodies above.)
    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful gesture!
    Welcome home!
    (I was thrilled to read that there is another trip to France in the planning stages for you. I hope that there is a bit of rest along the way next time. You are one busy girl!)

    1. Merry Christmas, Lynne; you will love the packaging and the bottle is huge, so lots of cleaning! Waiting for Terri to see what she likes, and will be shipping this week~

  7. Good Morning Andrea and welcome home!
    That was sooo much fun my friend, I loved each and every post.
    You really brought a authentic point of view to us about life in France just before Christmas and it was really a treat to come to your blog each day. I would look to see if you posted. I'm serious, you are one intense multi tasker with boundless energy!! I'm so excited for you to download everything you learned from Jean Luc and his assistant and to see all your hard work get published!
    You are a wonderful writer and have a great ability to see the unique things around you. It was a great escape for me each day :)
    And how generous you are to bring goodies home for us as I know you had quite a bit to pack and get home. So thoughtful, thank you!!
    I feel so bad choosing something after the ones ahead of me put forth their request but I would really love to have the Savon Noir unless you think I should have the soap flakes? I will let you choose for me!
    I can't thank you enough for taking us with you and bringing us back a memento from your trip! I hope you had a wonderful holiday meal with you mom on that lovely table with the plaid runner you set just before you took off to Beaune.
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  8. I won...not a gift but finding this delightful blog recently. My surprise to find Bonne Mamane, wild blueberry at Walmart this month and then to have a French lady as my checker. Small world. Happy new year wishes to you.

  9. Oh mon amie~ merci! I would love to have the preserves, mustard or the soap flakes. I love it all~ such fun!

  10. What a lovely surprise! Congratulations to all the winners. You have certainly picked some wonderful items for them. Welcome home.

    1. I wish I could bring something home for everyone! But we are already planning a spring trip now; so more goodies in a few months....

  11. I have loved being in France through your eyes and words, thank you. I would love the little heart as I have a heart collection.

    1. HI Debbie, I will see if the winner wants to part with it for something else; it really is a sweet piece, I think I have the creator's card, I will look....all best~