Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tour de Pâtisserie

Well, I managed to get all the boxes broken down after the rain started, though the table is still outside but covered in plastique.  Actually it was all pretty easy since the boxes were already getting soggy.  I made a pile of the flattened cartons in the rez de chausee; this photo is after I had already filled up the recycle dumpster around the corner, so to my credit the pile is now smaller than at origin.  I know R will come home tonight and hit the roof, but I don’t care.  It’s been moi who has already vacuumed the hallway twice and mopped it three times.  Jean-Luc said he can come by with his camion to pick up the photo shoot elements he brought as well as take away all the cardboard.  I hate to imposition him, but I might take him up on that.


Next to that pile is yet another pile.  This is the filler for the boxes, after I saved all the bubble wrap and padded paper and such that I know Jean-Luc will appreciate and reuse in his shop,  I told you R would be mad!  Well, I don’t care…..when he gets mad I bring out my secret silent weapon.  I just don’t answer, and the next time Jean-Luc calls re the cave or someone calls and R has no idea what the detail is, or he needs me to call the metal guy back because he has a question about the fixation du casier, I just let him yammer and stammer through it.  R does not like it when I leave him on the phone with Jean-Luc, or worse, in person.  Jean-Luc furrows his brow and makes a face that is to say “I hardly understand what you are saying” and that would make a lot of people nervous, I suppose.  So whatever, it’s a pile of stuff that will be gone in the next few days.  As soon as the recycle dumpster is empty, we can fill it again. I mean really, let’s adopt a French attitude about this, shall we?


Let’s move on.  Did you know that this is the first day in… long…YEARS….I have been by myself with no one to natter at me needing something.  I got busy after all the cartons and checked off about ten things on my list.  I was waiting for Samuel the metal guy to stop by for the cave, but I thought it best to get out and do some shopping before the best stuff is gone.  I debated flowers for the pique fleurs which are on the grand salon mantel.  I’ll tell you about that in a post soon, but I thought you might really like to come along with me for some pastry shopping today.  This is a lifestyle shoot, not a food shoot, so there doesn’t need to be a lot of food on the table, but since the shoot is about France, I think it’s a shame to leave that off the table, so to speak.  You know, just a little bit of food mixed in, that gaw factor.  Around the corner, the bakery had three pretty buches de Noel.  All were sold!  Pretty, but too big for the table.  Still, I’d like a slice of this, right now, how about you?


Luckily there are probably 20 places to go for all this stuff; here is another~


I like the idea of some pates de fruits.  I tried to make these at home and it was a disaster that turned into a pot of jam.  Very French~


Another stop; no pastries I liked, but will come back for a croissant.


Well, maybe a pastry or three as well~


R and I both prefer savory to sweet.  And when you see that this chocolate tarte is 24 Euros and so about $30, you don’t have this all the time.  But it looks great, doesn’t it?


They did have some interesting cakes;


This shop had lots of interesting packaging.  Cute…..but eh…no…..pas pour le Shoot.


In another window, mini buches de Noel.  I might have to go back to get one of these, which patisserie was this?


My last stop was the one that should have been my first stop, but that’s ok.  Cakes covered in meringue curls….


Fancy cakes with chocolate, chocolate mousse and little balls of cassis on top and pieces of gold leaf; wow~


I make these cheese puffs all the time.  Maybe I should have just made these at the house for the shoot?  No, I bought one, and will try it out.


Chocolate cakes; to die for~


Platters of fresh macarons share the window with marzipan treats~


Trees of chocolates, and nuts, and dried fruits; oh it’s holiday time in France, for sure!


There are lots of little cakes. I brought home one of these, it’s the little St. Honore cake, made with tiny crème puffs and caramel and crème; I hope this will photograph well, and then I will happily eat it~


These are only a few photos of what is in this shop; it’s all perfection.  Can some sweet tooth please come for a visit and let’s try them all?


And if anyone is getting married, check here for a great cake topper; they have lots more.


And for holiday, all sorts of Chocolate Pere Noel and boots and sabots…I might have to go back to get a sabot.


Marzipan snowmen.  Too cute, very mini~


I bought enough stuff that I can suggest the food.  I passed a few more places on the way home, but none of them are as good, though they are all well done~


These raspberry tartes look great, and the swans are interesting, but not well executed.  Still, I’d eat one, how about you?


I spent an hour this morning on photographing the tree and staircase.  I really need six hands to do it all properly.  I will keep puttering today and taking photos all day as the light changes, but it is not good as the rain is constant.  I hope you liked the pastry tour; I’d love to know what you would like to eat and what you think would be best for Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner…? 


  1. I have just begun following your delightful blog this week and it is a joy. I'm so looking forward to the photo reveal. Hmmm, yummy, beautiful pastries . . . Maybe a bit of chocolate and mounds of cream would be my choice. Merry Christmas from Arizona and sunshine.

  2. Oh I love so much of these sweets Andrea! The raspberry tartes and the St Honore Cake.Oh and the Cake with Meringue Curls!

    Excited to see more pics!

    Art by Karena

  3. It's good to be on your own sometimes, then you can do exactly what YOU want. Your photo shoot was great. My choice of gateaux for the festive fete would be the white chocolate tree with nuts & dried fruit.

  4. I would gladly sacrifice my waistline to be there tasting French pastries with you!!!
    My hubby and I both drooled our way through your photos...
    Again no one makes and displays their confections like The French!
    Well done!