Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Très Original

Did I mention how much I love being here?  Three men showed up this morning promptly at half eight to install the racks in the cave.  Yes, we ended up buying the orange ones.  The stylist/shop owner is also here, and he greets me warmly and with the standard kiss to both cheeks.  Though he already smells of morning cigarettes, he is a total doll and he makes things like the installation of a racking system actually easy for us.   Their truck is now blocking the road while they unload, and there is a wonderful little bustle of activity in the house; a nice French morning.

I can’t believe we are less than a week from Christmas.  The locals have just put up most of their decorations.  I wanted to show you this florist shop I saw a few days ago in Dijon~


The tree is one of the most original I have ever seen.  It is fashioned on one post, and I wish I had inspected it more to see how it was made.  I know it’s wired, and there is no cut-out shape behind.  It’s all branches, and one of these flanked both sides of the beautiful arched doorway~


The adjacent door was also done up perfectly.  When this trip is over I’m going to have to put these on Pinterest~


The small table in front is covered in birch logs~


Pretty white flowers; just enough; with little chalk sign~


And two small cedar wreaths, or is it garland; also beautiful~


The sun is finally out today and the sky is clear for the first time since I have been here.  I’d love to run around town for a few photos; perhaps I will in a bit.  The bells have just finished ringing 9am and I have three very large linen sheets to press and some writing to finish. I think I’ll stick close to home until the work is down downstairs, then we have to get all the bottles reracked before we start our styling session at 4. 

More soon.  Hope you enjoy the photos.


  1. Nobody does it like the French!
    And they make it look so effortless. No fair!
    It's gotta be in the genes.
    I am so excited to see what tricks you have up your sleeve!
    The build up is wonderful:)

  2. I am loving your adventure in France. Such beautiful pictures ahhh the French do have a way. The tree is fabulous, wish you had seen how it was done. Maybe like the one in Fashion Island where they drill holes and then wire the branches into the holes.

  3. Merry Christmas Andrea!
    I love the Christmas tree... What a fabulous idea to try...I can't wait to see the photos... I so wish I was your assistant there!
    Looks like your having a fabulous time..

  4. Oh Andrea, my interest is piqued! You have taken so many wonderful images...a book is a must!!

    Love and Hugs
    Art by Karena

  5. I love that area around Beaune, & Dijon is such lovely Town. What beautiful Christmas trees outside that florist, what a shame you didn't look closer to see how it was done. That's something I do & drag my other half to look as well in case I need an extra pair of hands to help me do it. Enjoy yourself.

  6. Beautiful! Just what I needed to see. I'm having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year after what has happened. Hope you're enjoying all the season has to offer.