Friday, December 21, 2012

My French Christmas

It’s been a real mad dash, always something still to do or to change, despite lists and lists and lots of planning and coordination.  The last thing I was going to do before the rest of the photos was pick up the eight dinner rolls at the boulangerie.  Given that Christmas is just a few days away, there are lines at the bakeries, as everyone places their specific orders.  You can’t even go get dinner rolls at the bakeries, they are uniquement sur commande.  I wish I hadn’t bought eight rolls in retrospect. Whatever; the artisan boulanger was closed for another hour and when I got back, R said that Jean-Luc and Cedric had been by to disassemble everything and take it back to the shop. No! I am not done with photos!  Thankfully R knew that much and asked them to come by later in the day.


I spent the afternoon running through a lot of photos and making all kinds of little adjustments.  Like I said before, I needed four sets of hands.  I shot two fireplaces, the dining table, Christmas tree table and a part of the stairwell.  Tomorrow I shoot the gifts, after I go to the Saturday market.  The light in the house was really difficult, but I’m sure we can make the photos work. 


These are a few test shots; not the finals at all.  But there will be lots of fresh greens; lots of birds and lots of white and crystal.  Lots of crystal.  We made the prettiest French Christmas tree I have ever seen.  I used this sauciere from Jean-Lucs’ shop for the shoot and it’s staying with me.  Love all the porcelaine blanche; you can not ever have too much!


Tomorrow there is more to do, and cleaning up after the shoot will take me a few hours.  If I can, I’d like to fill my market basket tomorrow… with seasonal goodness and take it home for photos...I wish I were staying for Christmas dinner, but I go home to California on Monday, where my little Honey & Biscuit have been waiting at the door for the last two weeks.  I wish I could be in both places for Christmas, but this weekend I will make some kind of a grand holiday meal for R and me.  Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  I will post this weekend too on some of the French holiday décor and traditions here in Beaune.  You will love them!


  1. These images are lovely - I can only imagine how wonderful your final shots will be. I have inherited my mother's fancy for porcelaine blanche. I can never have enough of it too. xxx

  2. What a whirlwind adventure you have had there. Have a safe trip home. It has been great reading all about your days..

    Merry Christmss.

  3. As I get ready for Christmas and reading your blog...I wish I could be in two places at once...Merry Christmas, dear girl...and safe trip home...

  4. Safe travels my friend! thank you for sharing part of your world in France ... it has been wonderful reading along. Merry Christmas, C(HHL)

  5. GRC.Ltd.Design@gmail.comDecember 22, 2012 at 8:10 AM

    Love these posts--what a lovely daydream for us!
    Is there any way to purchase these birds? I have never seen one so lovely.

    1. Hello this your email address? or can you email me? will try to help you out. thx....

  6. Andrea, yes that sweet bird is wonderful! The porcelaine blanche so lovely! Of course I wish for you that you could continue on to Paris and the Islands...I know how much your parents want you home though, as well as your pupsters!

    Love and Hugs,
    Art by Karena