Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One Happy Puppy

I downloaded over 1,000 photos today, for this visit so far, and I haven’t even taken any of the pics for the photo shoot.  Today, though, we returned the car after one week.  Has it been a week, or a month?  I am really feeling relaxed, though the pace is steady.  This little JR followed me around the car rental.  This is me now; happy, relaxed, missing my little dogs, and I still have almost a week to go~


When we got home, we started to clear the wine boxes from the cave as the racks will come tomorrow.  In the meantime, I made a leek and bacon and cheese quiche.  I’ll come back to this recipe.  My quiches in Laguna never puff and look as good as this…..it was so good~


I did the heavy lifting on the gift aspect of the photo shoot.  I am really happy with this part, though there are still some packaging issues to sort out with the stylist’s help.


I started to use what I have for the shoot, and was going to use these on each place setting, with porcelain plates. 


But after the quiche was done, I got called back downstairs to help shift more cartons.


Later this afternoon, the stylist came by, with his assistant.  I mentioned how much I have learned from him in the past; well, we reviewed each of the elements I have done so far, and let me tell you I got a real lesson in French style today.  Not that what I had done was bad, no…..but we talked about the use of this and that, how many candles to use, of French vs American style.  We talked a lot about more versus less and what they love for photos.  What works for print.  What makes viewers eyes pop.  Do we (and the Editor) want to keep it restrained or should we go for a more exuberant and over the top style…??  Bien Sur, over the top.  I gave them carte blanche to bring in what they want, change what I have done, to really, really do it, French Style.

I have a nice sapin de Noel or Christmas tree, but in two minutes they told me what they would do to improve it.  More pampilles.  Lots and lots and lots more.  I have been buying them for two years, but still, not enough! I agree!  And the skirt, they know just what to do to finish it.  I am thrilled with their input……

Later in the day, we went by a client’s home, and will borrow a few elements from there for the shoot. 


We start again tomorrow morning working on the shoot; I am fascinated by their take, which is different from our American view, but I am sure will be nothing short of amazing in print.  Based on what we saw and agreed upon today, we will work on the shoot for the rest of the week, which will be fine since R will be gone for a day.  The cave will finally be sorted tomorrow morning, or at least the bottles will be back in place, even though not inventoried. 

This trip is moving into the next gear, which is pure style.   Taking lots of photos and mental notes to show you….


  1. Andrea, I am so excited for you! By the way the chandelier is gorgeous! The quiche looks delish...I used to make them all of the time...I must start again (once I get your recipe!)

    Stay in touch, miss you!
    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena
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    1. I miss you too Honey and will call you as soon as I get to the US next week!!! Missing talking to you each week; be strong; want you to come to France so much!

  2. Oh how wonderful to have a stylist giving advise on how to decorate your sapin de noel.

  3. An exciting project and a wonderful stay in France......... you deserve some R&R but it appears that you are still going 100 miles per hour! I wish I were there with you. Bisous

  4. Oh I missed this yesterday and just left a comment on your most recent post.
    I was thinking the exact same thing... How the French have that amazing sense of style!!!
    How did they get it? I swear that somehow they are born with it.
    I really don't think they try,they just do. It seems so natural and effortless.
    What a wonderful experience you are having and what an opportunity to learn from them.
    I am so appreciative that you are sharing this adventure with us.
    I am loving it !!!