Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tôt le Matin

I was up very late last night, then up again this morning before 5am to make R’s breakfast and coffee and get him on the train to Londres.  We went to the gare shortly after 6am, which afforded me the opportunity to see Beaune in the very early morning.  At this hour, all you have to do is follow your nose to figure out where the activity is~


The restaurants are prepping for the day, and even if you don’t see anyone, you can hear the clatter of pots and pans out of sight.

IMG_1295 - Copy

There is one exception, le Petit Paradis is dark at this hour; Patty, this photo is for you!


At 6am, the entire center of Beaune smells of freshly baked bread; the windows of most all of the boulangeries are steamy, and if you go inside, it smells nothing short of heavenly~


I mentioned following your nose….but you only need look at the sidewalk at the back door to this boulangerie to know what’s going on here…haha~


There is just one other place that has something going on at 6am. Of course, it’s the Bar-Tabac near the gare.  Something tells me they are not drinking coffee….


Well, I now have 15 glorious hours to myself, to clean up and photograph all day.  But first, I must run all those last errands, which include finding the prettiest bread rolls and pastries in town to place on our vintage plates.  Something that will make you open the magazine and just go GAW I want to eat that right now!  You should have seen Jean-Luc’s face as we talked about the desired effect, after we had had a few glasses of wine and were chatting about the photos.  So funny.  So French….

But as I write, I notice that it has started to rain.  I knew that would happen!  So that means that before I get anything else done, I must go flatten as many of the now-soggy cardboard boxes as I can and get them to the recycle dumpster.   Then I’m going back to the boulangerie to get a freshly baked croissant.  I wish I had a few of you along to help me today; I need some help!

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  1. Oh gosh I wish I could too!!
    I have a fond memory of going to a Boulangerie in Paris every day in our neighborhood where we stayed.
    It was such a special ritual and we forged a bond with the owner.
    We do have a great bakery in our town called Feel Good Bakery which is a strange name but it is a working bakery much like those in France.
    Their offerings are amazing and have similar prices as those you've shown in Beaune. A bit France in the SF Bay Area!!!
    I appreciate them even more now after reading this post.