Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to Reality

I arrived home late last night, and am back on California time right away this morning. I still have so many people & places & things to show you from this trip~
and the chickens, we haven't talked about the chickens yet; here they are free-ranging it near Louhans....
and the vines and the grapes, more to come~
and a visit to the Abbey at Cluny; this is the part of the complex that was completed just prior to the Revolution~
I wasted no time unpacking last night and this morning; mostly to assess if anything had been broken; a few of the 200+ tubes of herbs were broken, but that was not bad. I also had two helpers, with their heads in the duffel bags, and they immediately located some delicious items like spools of linen thread and a baby toy that they stole and opened~

I'm not namin' any names.
The pups were so happy to have me come home. Today it is "back to life, back to reality." Mail, email, etc. More soon.


  1. Soft landing I hope. I see you brought Sophie back with you, was one of my biggest sellers. Back to reality isn't so bad when you look at all your photos..........they help with jet lag. Rest up. Much love XO

  2. Happy to have you home. I really enjoy your travel posts!

  3. Awww... cute puppy!! And welcome home! Thank you for posting all those lovely chicken pictures. They look so healthy and happy. Looks like they are definitely part of the Label Rouge program.