Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well Arranged

Another quick run through our Saturday market in Beaune, with one more theme; everything is bien range, totally well organized; cherry tomatoes like this~

cookies~cheese like this~
fruits, organized by color~
bread, organized in stacks~I passed by the market before 5am on my way to a flashlight sale, then came back later at 8am;
one vendor, a husband and wife team, was "fun";
Madame jumped in front of the lens on each shot. Finally, I let her have it, in French. "Madame, it's the hour to take photos; everything is perfect and well-arranged. I will be back with my basket to buy in a little bit."
her husband roared with laughter; "she's right!" he said. And there were many others just like me, out to make the photo rounds.
but of course, if you are going to take photos of a market, it must be early; it's the best time and everything is perfect~
we had one of these for Sunday dinner and it was Best Best~
more bread stacked just so, and here with a label~
even the candy, perfect~
and the fruits, figs~
A few hours later, all of this is bought and gone;
even bananas, at our market~
display masters, with masses of shoppers....


  1. wow this post really made me miss living in Bordeaux!


  2. My, this is a beautiful market display!

  3. Oh Andrea, it is so colorful, how wonderful to go to a merket like this!

    I will pick our winner in the An as it has been a very long & late evening!

    I am so excited about so many entries!

    Art by Karena