Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Take Out

I finally did it; I told them NO. No dinners this weekend; no cakes, no pastries, no wine, no floral decor. No roasts or ducks or chickens. No fancy tables. I am getting ready for France and there is no time for a family dinner. Sob.

Then today, my friend N came by the market to see me in her scooter chair. We have been friends for many long years, and she is now in poor health and with a cane or scooter. This is a longer story, but I did something special for her today, I brought her a steamed Maine lobster. Maine lobster is near and dear to her heart as she is a New Englander~ this made a 75 year old lady super super dooper happy today~
oh yeah, I got one for me and a few friends tonight too; the price was the best. But is there someone you know who would love something special or simple...holidays are so lonely for the elderly and I never forget that.

This Labor Day is among me and a few friends; like my sweet little Miss Honey:

I indulged in the flowers, but for my sister's house:
do we have to see summer end?
the scents!
the bees and herbs~
I did several arrangements for my sis, and delivered those on the way to get N's lobster:

Summer, please come again soon!


  1. Andrea, you have the gift of giving and it inspires me! May it come back to you ten fold!

  2. LOVELY post!!! GORGEOUS flowers! ADORABLE Honey!!! Yummy lobster!!!

  3. How sweet of you to think of a friend and share a sweet treat ~ you're an amazing person!

    Your photos are beautiful ~ I can tell you’re loving that new Canon.

    I owe you an email ... haven't forgotten. It's been a really tough week here. I'll fill you in.

  4. Andrea you are so generous and the images are wonderful!!

    Art by Karena

  5. It's wonderful you are going to Fance! Good for you.
    I'm getting ready for a 2 week maine stay with hubby, should be a fun time.

  6. I have just discovered your blog! It is lovely, I love it. I am French, my husband is from Normandy and I feel that I have found my counterpart, as I love everything American.
    The baskets are gorgeous, we sometimes get a good choice of them at the market in the summer, I have got plenty myself and have to buy more as my daughter steals them from me.
    Congratulations for the blog.

  7. I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed my basket/tote that I won on Laura's blog... Decore to Adore. It is beautiful and has been so much fun this summer! Thanks again so much. Love & blessings from NC!

  8. Summer doesn't need to end, but the heat wave....Oh, Lord and Taylor! I just found you through CTD, and thought we must have lots in common. I have had a few old lady luncheons, and there are some rules for feeding them. First and Foremost, they are not good with forks and knives and anything requiring cutting. Attacking a lobster is a battle for old women, so it has to be removed from the shell. However, your flower combinations are good--not floristy.
    Come visit,