Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunday, Beaune

Sunday morning in Beaune means two things to me; The Bells, and Mass, or la Messe as they call it. The Church is sometimes referred to as a Basilica (meaning an important church with special ceremonial rights conferred by the Pope), and is dedicated to Our Lady (Notre Dame). It was started in the XIIthC and took over 100 years to build; it is a fantastic example of Romanesque architecture, and has been perfectly maintained.
here you see the back side of the church, with the fantastic buttresses as well as the backside of the stained glass windows shown above~
The distinctive tiled roof is topped with a slate-covered bell tower~
there are so many wonderful and intricate features on the building~
grand gothic style~
the interior is equally fantastic, yet simple~
above the rush-seat prayer chairs you will find a pair of fantastic chandeliers and grand format art~
the altar itself is a sight to behold; very grand in cream and gilt~

We are within a stone's throw of the Church (or collegiale as it is known locally, as it was originally associated with a monastery), the bellfry or beffoi, and the small belltower on top of the Hotel Dieu. If I can get my video uploaded you will hear the big bells of the Beffoi and the Collegiale as well as the organ after mass; music to my ears.....all the bells are rung at 9:15am on Sunday morning for about 10 minutes; big heavy bells; there is no mistaking we are in Europe!

You can take a tour of the church and hear the organ music HERE, though the sound on the camera doesn't do the thunderous organ justice. I also didn't realize until I uploaded these that you can't rotate the camera. Sorry, gotta turn your head!


  1. I've come here via Karena's blog on your basket giveaway. (I won't enter as it would be far to expensive to post such a gift to New Zealand where I live)!!!

    This is a lovely post and so familiar to me as our daughter lives in France so we visit quite often. She is also in Burgundy but in a little village.
    I love everything about the French churches, cathedrals, and basilicas. It is nice to hear that yours is well maintained as so many of them aren't.
    Please do come and visit me as I've just done a post on our canal trip last year on the Nivernais!!
    I'm off now to look at the rest of your posts and feel we've got much in common already!
    Take care

  2. Love the rush seats~no chance of sitting next to someone who falls asleep and snores.