Monday, September 20, 2010

Le Panier, Roi du Marche

At any French marche you will find traditional baskets or paniers, in the hands of shoppers~
or a vendre, for sale~
the array is phenomenal, artesan French in the case of the baskets in osier~
Madame is there as always in Beaune~she always has a LOT of baskets!
Around the market here in Beaune, baskets figure prominently. I mentioned they are used in display. Here they are also in function, a few vendors use them to weigh produce~
but mostly, you see them in the hands of shoppers~

a very few from Ghana, not many~
mostly in Beaune, the traditional French reed or osier~
you see osier baskets more than any other;

I didn't find a lot that I liked in terms of baskets, but I did buy two of the very largest baskets I could find, for a carryon; these are positively gargantuan~
but I liked the blue stripe....
I have other vintage baskets on the way that I will post on later. Tonight I want to enjoy my last eve in Beaune with's sad to leave; he always wishes I could stay longer, and so do I!


  1. FABuLOUS baskets!!! Ooooh and j'adore your produce photos... oooh la la... I wish I was on your adventure!!!

  2. Those baskets are wonderful ~ I don't know if I would be able to keep myself under control.

    The market post amazing! You could find me there every day as a faithful shopper.

    I got your message on bigger pictures. I'll email you with the instructions.


  3. Oh the blue! Yes the blue. Enjoy the day.