Sunday, September 19, 2010

Convoi Exceptionnel

At least twice a day in Burgundy, we see these on the road; a convoi exceptionnel or oversize load; the leader of the convoy carries this sign and orange lights are flashing~

behind that there is usually another van; this van carries people who can direct traffic, or dismount pieces of the road or barricades as needed. Next in line is the object itself, this time, an enormous tank; the wings on the side indicate the clearance necessary~
this is the third van; I had pulled over and up onto the curb to allow for clearance, and as the van driver passed us he told each car, "attention, there is another one coming."
and so there was....another enormous tank, snaking its way through the tiny streets of Nuits St. George~
Today I am packing the rest of my purchases. I have three suitcases and duffel bags stuffed. I bought another 120 of the tubes of herbs and flowers yesterday at the market for pre-orders from clients and friends, which need to be packed somewhere carefully. R has a lamp from Istanbul that needs to be included. I have no idea how to get everything home yet, but I will pour a glass of wine this afternoon and sort it all out. I can't wait to show you what goodies I have found; I have done well, very well.

Watch out! Convoi Exceptionnel! Andrea's luggage is coming through!


  1. Ooh I am very excited Andrea.

    My surgery has had some complications, I am not letting that stop me from promoting our fabulous Giveaway though!

    Be sure to let your friends know!

    Art by Karena

  2. WOW, those tanks were really large for the little streets! Have a great day and have fun packing up all your goodies!!