Sunday, September 26, 2010

Perfect Match

Nothing makes me happier than to match up a shopper with their perfect basket. Sometimes they don't know exactly what they need, and it take some time. In other cases, I have got them pegged when they walk in the booth, or they zero in on "their basket" immediately. Such was the case with Anne today. Long and lean, just like this blue beauty I brought back from France, they were perfect together~
and need I point out what she had on her feet? Blue & white striped wedge heeled French espadrilles. With skinny white jeans.

Variations of blue & white stripe baskets. Espadrilles to order. Wide brim hats from Daniel. I am quickly formulating for spring & summer 2011...

Meanwhile, a preview of fall; the kale and artichokes in Magnolia's booth were lovely. Never mind it was 100 degrees today and not like fall, but soon enough!


  1. Beautiful images Andrea!!

    Art by Karena

  2. Perfect basket for her and her cute shoes! I can't believe your heat wave, whew.


  3. I just noticed that you mentioned espadrilles to order in 2011. That would be wonderful! It is so hard to find authentic ones that aren't full of lace up ties or aren't super high. Please email me if you plan to sell them - I'd love to buy a pair and do a promo piece on my blog. Best regards, Michele