Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fit & Trim

No matter if you are one of these~
definitely one of these~or one of these ~
one of these (jumper, in Cluny)~
or one of these, below (this is for you, Jo), in Burgundy, everyone gets lots of sunshine, healthy food and exercise. Isn't this Bulldog in great shape? Chien de Garde from Meursault~
Everyone eats food that is generally healthy and organic, if possible; with meals that are in smaller portions than in the States. Most of the bread and foods bought at the markets and small businesses are organic and preservative-free. The rabbits of the region eat greens, not pellets~
Like the chickens, everyone gets their exercise through daily activity; sort of like everyone and everything is Free Range in the area. People are working in the vineyards, walking, going up and down stairs all day.
there is no gym or yoga studio in Beaune, people work & walk & bike around & mind what they eat. There is little "recreational exercise" here as it is incorporated into daily life instead.

R took these Chicken photos near Louhans, after crossing a field, with the high telephoto, and came back with very muddy shoes. In return, his shots are great. Why does the U.S. confine commercial chickens? Yes, sorry, the almighty dollar and profit margin, but I assure you, the alternative is much better~
for all of us! This last pic was taken as some food came out, and the birds flocked there; otherwise they are out in the field. More on Louhans and Bresse later. I feel so good after this vacation, clean air, exercise, great food and great wine, in moderation. Can't wait to return.....


  1. Just discovered your blog this evening and am now your newest follower. Thrilled to find you. I'll be back often. Lovely blog! ~ Sarah

  2. Andrea, This post is so refreshing. That while here is the states eveyone has to go to the gym and workout instead of just enjoying life in a healthy way!

  3. You are so funny ~ a good looking bulldog indeed!

    Such truth in this post. We really are a lazy and unhealthy soceity.

    On a different note ~ do you use flickr? That's the program I use for my pictures. If you don't that's fine but I wouldn't be able to tell you were to find the size of photos on other programs.


  4. Andrea, alot more people need to read this post! It is great! I have been trying to get more exercise by walking around where I live and I feel better for it! Have a great day!

  5. Am I the only one who is looking at the bunny and thinking "I wish I could pet it." versus "Oooh, rabbit stew!"

  6. It is so.........I lost 6 lbs. from all the walking. Really no big secret on how it works is there? Great photos. XO